Benghazi report details security flaws at US diplomatic posts

Aljazeera America has the story and video Benghazi report details security flaws at US diplomatic posts.

The U.S. Department of State has known for decades that inadequate security at embassies and consulates worldwide could lead to tragedy, but senior officials ignored the warnings and left some of America’s most dangerous diplomatic posts vulnerable to attack, according to an internal government report obtained exclusively by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit.
Following the 1983 Beirut bombings, for example, the State Department implemented building safety standards for missions in high-risk areas, which became known as Inman standards, developed by a review panel headed by Bobby R. Inman, the former director of the National Security Agency.

“Thirty years later, neither the U.S. Embassy chancery in Beirut nor a significant number of other U.S. diplomatic facilities in areas designated as ‘high threat’ meet Inman standards,” Sullivan’s panel wrote.

Security problems at diplomatic posts aren’t isolated, the panel said, pointing out that safety concerns can be found at U.S. facilities worldwide. For decades, the State Department has failed to address these vulnerabilities, the panel said, suggesting that Benghazi was a tragedy that might have been avoided.

I thought this story might be interesting to the more right-wing readers of this blog, if there are any. I didn’t realize that there could be a connection to the current Syria issue when I started reading and viewing the video.

The connection is through the lack of security in our embassy in Beirut.  Before Secretary of State Kerry assures us that any blowback from an attack on Syria can be handled, maybe he ought to think about our embassy in Beirut.

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