America’s Empire Has No Clothes

Reader Supported News has the article America’s Empire Has No Clothes.

Pelosi is 73. She has been in Congress since 1987. She has not led any crusade against chemical weapons used by Iraq, the U.S., or anyone else. On September 4, she refused to comment on past U.S. support for Iraq’s use of chemical weapons. But NOW chemical weapons are important to her? Not credible.
Kerry is 70. He served in the Senate for almost 30 years (1985-2013). He did not object loudly to Iraq’s use of chemical weapons at the time, nor did he make a big issue of it after the fact. Despite his active pursuit of a variety of well-publicized issues, Kerry has never led any crusade against chemical weapons used by anyone. But NOW chemical weapons are important to him? Not credible.

So the question is, “Why now has this issue become so important that we are willing to start a new front in the war over this?”  We shouldn’t rush in until we have some answers to this question.  Perhaps looking at my previous post Iran-Contra Redux? Prince Bandar Heads Secret Saudi-CIA Effort to Aid Syrian Rebels, Topple Assad will start supplying the answers.

Of course Kerry has the excuse that he is not working for himself now.  Now he is presenting the President’s point of view.

The other reason for the President jumping on board now may be that McCain and Graham have been pushing the President hard on this issue to the point of questioning his manhood if he does not take bold action.  Look at the “Iran-Contra Redux?” post mentioned above to see more of the why of the  McCain/Graham connection.

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