The Republican Party may be turning anti-war.

McClatchy news has the story Is it Syria or Obama? GOP turning anti-war.

The Republican Party may be turning anti-war.

Some of the shift is driven by visceral distrust of President Barack Obama, who is the one proposing military strikes against Syria. Some is driven by remorse and lessons learned from the Iraq war. And some is fed by the isolationist and libertarian strains of the grassroots tea party movement.

I just have to include the quote from Sarah Palin.

In 2008, GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was an impassioned supporter of the Iraq war. Now, in a Facebook post titled “Let Allah Sort It Out,” she argued against military action in Syria. “If our invasion of Iraq wasn’t enough of a deterrent to stop evil men from using chemical weapons on their own people, why do we think this will be?” she asked.

This may be the most sensible and profound thing that I have ever heard Sarah Palin say.  Other Republican Senators are saying sensible things that I wish they would have been saying when George Bush was the President.  If President Obama has actually managed to the the Republican Party into an anti-war party, then maybe he does deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, as one commenter observed.

The quote they have for Elizabeth Warren troubles me.

What the Assad regime did is reprehensible, but we have to consider what’s in America’s best interest.

With what Elizabeth Warren has been able to find out about the actions of our government during the banking crisis and its aftermath, I would hope that she could use some of her skepticism on the claim that it was Assad that carried out the attack.  I know that foreign policy is not her claim to expertise.  However, I hope she isn’t so naive to think that the people who helped precipitate a financial collapse and declare their innocence, are not above prevarication about foreign policy matters.

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