Exclusive: Interview with Congressman Grayson on Syria

The Real News Network has the interview Exclusive: Interview with Congressman Grayson on Syria .  There is so much straight talk in this interview that I am not sure your spun head will be able to stand it.

… Even though we have a legal right through our classified clearance to see the underlying documents, the intelligence reports, the SIGINT, the HUMINT, to see these things underneath it all, we haven’t been given any of that. In fact, German intelligence, it’s been reported through Reuters and The Guardian, has indicated through their intelligence that Assad did not order the attack and in fact ordered that there be no attack and that this was in essence a rogue operation. Frankly, it’s disturbing and disappointing to me to see that we get information like that through Reuters and through The Guardian from German intelligence rather than through our own intelligence.

And I think that a great nation like ours needs to have a rational decision-making process when deciding on war and peace. That means giving the decision-makers all the relevant information and letting us make up our minds.

DESVARIEUX: Have you been able to ask the White House for more information? And part two of my question is that there was a report by Gareth Porter from IPS, and he states that essentially the White House culled the information in the public intelligence report, essentially questioning whether or not the White House omitted certain information in order to make sure that they were making the case to strike Syria.

GRAYSON: Well, as you can see from the public document, the four-page document that was released, they’ve omitted all of the information that goes against their case. There’s not a single bit of contrary information in that document. And many members of Congress now, including whole committees in Congress, have asked the administration to provide the underlying intelligence, the signal intelligence, the human intelligence, and so on, and at least let us, through our classified clearance, see the reality of the situation. And so far, after a week of requests, they said they were going to do it and they haven’t done it.
GRAYSON: … have to tell you honestly that when we are three weeks away from a government shutdown, when we are five weeks away from the government running out of money when we hit the national debt limit, maybe it’s time for us to think about our own needs. I think it–I’m proud of the fact that the United States is the number-one country in the world. But I don’t want us just to be number one in military power. I don’t want us to be number one in the number of prisoners that we have in this country. I want us to be number one in health care, number one in life expectancy, number one in education, number one in wealth, number one in standard of living. That’s what I want to see us concentrate on. And I think at this point with these deadlines facing us and so many things on our plate, it’s time we took care of ourselves.


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