What Obamacare Means for You

The White House web site has this easy to understand video about What Obamacare Means for You.

The Affordable Care Act – also known as Obamacare – means better coverage for those who already have health insurance, and more options for those who don’t, including a new way to shop for affordable, high-quality coverage.

For all of us who want to see Obamacare have a chance to prove itself, one way or another, we ought to get behind the effort to publicize it. So pass this video on to your contacts.

If the Republicans turn out to be right that these additions to our traditional medical care system in this country cannot work, then at least we will be able to say we gave it a fair chance. If we stop it before we even give it a try, then we will have missed a golden opportunity to find out if there is another way to make health care available to all of our citizens.

I know what the Republicans seem to be afraid of, but here is our chance to see if they are right or not. Have they so little faith in our system of government that they are afraid to even try something different? What about the rest of us and our faith in our ability to govern ourselves through a democratic form of government?

If you believe our democratic system of self government might work, are you willing to give Obamacare a fair test to see if this new idea is better than the old ones?

If you believe that we are unable to have workable solutions selected in a democratic way, then this may be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Consider this a test of the American way.

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