Half the Republicans You Know Are Insane

In the spirit of this blog being unfair and unbalanced and deviating a little from the motto Extremism is the Enemy of Rationality, I bring you the Truth Out article Half the Republicans You Know Are Insane.

When asked if Muslims are working to implement Sharia Law in America – the harshly medieval seventh-century Islamic code best represented by the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Wahabists in the ranks of al Qaeda and (shhhh) a significant portion of the rebels in Syria – 44% of Republicans said it was true. If you know five Republicans, once again, two of them believe this, and a third is halfway convinced. Um…how? Where? In what way? Because women can now get free contraception and gay people have the same rights as you do? You think the Taliban is down with that?

The other examples in the article are just as entertaining as the one above.

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