Nassim Taleb’s Cure for Fragility

Harvard Business Review has the book review Nassim Taleb’s Cure for Fragility by Larry Prusak.

What I can say confidently is that Taleb is writing original stuff—not only within the management space but for readers of any literature—and that you will learn more about more things from this book and be challenged in more ways than by any other book you have read this year. Trust me on this.
Taleb actually has something new to say that is worth pondering. And in a world where large-scale, unpredictable events are the norm, pondering it is important. You can count on chaos, and work to make your organization antifragile. Or you can keep planning for the probable. If you choose the latter course, then brace yourself for the next black swan — and pray that it isn’t your swan song

I like this review of the book.  Although I think Prusak makes a few minor errors in assessing whom Taleb likes and whom he doesn’t like, by and large I think he describes the value of the book quite well.

I have to admit that both Taleb and the reviewer are in sync with some (and I emphasize some) of my preconceived notions.  Taleb does challenge some of my preconceived notions, too.

2013/10/04 8:20 PM

OK, I have spoken some more to RichardH about Taleb, Black, Scholes, and Merton.

Perhaps I just don’t know enough to make a valid judgment. Richard is going to give me a little help in trying to separate fact from fiction.

Ultimately, I think the lesson about life and economics may be the same as Taleb is trying to teach, but Taleb’s opinion of who gets the cheers and who does not may be highly faulty.

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