Demand A Vote On A Clean Bill From The House Of Representatives

According to an email from the DCCC:

The government shutdown could end today. All Boehner has to do is stop listening to the Tea Party and put a clean funding bill on the House Floor. Will you help us get 100,000 strong today calling on Boehner to end the shutdown immediately?

Here is the link to the web site where you can add your name.  According to the most recent count, if 18 Republicans in the House would vote yes on a clean continuing resolution, then the shutdown would be over.

The point of a continuing resolution is to keep the government open while the two sides continue to negotiate a resolution of their differences.   If voting on a continuing resolution requires a settlement of differences, then you don’t need the concept of a continuing resolution.

You have to wonder if it had been a saner time in our politics when the idea of using a continuing resolution was first conceived. Must be something in the tea they are drinking these days. Maybe they don’t realize that at the original tea party they dumped the tea in the harbor, they didn’t drink it.

Should the Democrats negotiate with the House Republicans?  On October 2, 2013, Harry Reid conceded to Speaker Boner everything he wanted in order to get the vote on the continuing resolution.  Boner did not hold up his end of the bargain (surprise, surprise, as if he had never failed to keep a promise before).  So now we should trust the Republicans to keep their word this time.  If they don’t, I guess the Democrats will just have to negotiate some more until the Republicans have even more than they ever thought possible.  Gee, that would be fair.  The Democrats concede more than the Republicans wanted in their bottom line offer, and the Republicans get everything they wanted and then some.  Now, that’s what Republicans call compromise.

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