Fact-Checking Faux Noise on Obamacare

Crooks and Liars has the article Fact-Checking Fox: What Real Journalism Looks Like. The article starts with the following:

Ashley Dionne, a recent guest on Mike Huckabee’s show, claimed that her insurance premiums would jump from $75 per month to $319 per month for her family. She proclaimed the act to be the “Unaffordable Care Act” and went even further, claiming her future and that of her children had been ‘raped.’

Unfortunately, someone forgot to mention to Ashley that her premiums were offset with subsidies, so she would really pay $223 per YEAR as well as receiving assistance with copayments. Oops.

The story goes on to debunk all the other scare tactics used by the Ted Cruz’s of the world.  I was wondering if anybody would come along to put the lie to what the Republicans have been saying about the supposed harm that the ACA is causing.

I suppose it is true that anything as complicated as buying health insurance could be mistakenly interpreted by some customers.  So it may be true that if you get your noise from Faux Noise that the ACA won’t work for you.  Perhaps some of the other media will use their powers to clear up any misconceptions people might have.  For the people who get their news from these sources, the ACA will work for them.  I’d just love to see a study eventually done that shows just this, the ACA has a disproportionate failure rate for people who get their noise from Faux Noise.

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