House Republicans’ unique appreciation for ‘expertise’

The Rachel Maddow Show has the segment House Republicans’ unique appreciation for ‘expertise’.

From time to time, Republican officials will seek out advice from those who are a little … what’s the word … unusual.

For example, earlier this year, the Republican National Committee invited far-right provocateur David Horowitz, author of books such as “Killing Whitey,” to help the party “broaden the GOP’s appeal with voters.” His lack of credibility on the subject didn’t seem to bother party leaders. Similarly, around the same time, House Republicans sought out Dick Cheney for guidance on foreign policy, untroubled by his track record, too.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with seeking out experts for advice – indeed, it’s generally a good idea – but the key is identifying reliable, trustworthy authorities who can help others better understand complex issues and add value to a serious conversation.

It you missed Rachel’s opening segment last night – and my oh my do I hope you saw this one – there’s fresh evidence that Republicans’ appreciation for expertise is a little, shall we saw, skewed.

Rachel Maddow probably ought to get an award for telling the shaggiest shaggy dog story ever told.

It took me a while for her to remind me who this guy is, and then even longer to tie this in, although the headline ought to give this away almost from the start.

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