Could Elizabeth Warren Thwart a Clinton Presidency?

Alternet has the article Could Elizabeth Warren Thwart a Clinton Presidency?

The press seems to have anointed Hillary Clinton as the next Democratic presidential nominee. But Clinton’s ties to the Wall Street wing of the party could prove trouble for her future. Could Elizabeth Warren, the progressive Senator from Massachusetts, thwart what seems to be the inevitable?

The Alternet article is really a discussion of The New Republic article Hillary’s Nightmare? A Democratic Party That Realizes Its Soul Lies With Elizabeth Warren. The New Republic article is very worthwhile reading, itself.  However, it is a fairly long article.  If you want to get just a flavor of the argument plus some original material, then the Alternet article is the one to read.  If you have time to read both, then reading both is a good approach, too.

Being the Elizabeth Warren fan that I am and being luke warm to Hillary Clinton, I really would like to see Warren run.  I would be open to someone who fights for the Warren issues better than she does, but I cannot imagine who that would be at the moment.

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