Sturbridge selectman resigns citing town’s priorities at odds with his faith

When someone mentioned this to me in passing in an email, I thought it might be a joke.  I decided to just Google it.  Surprisingly, I came up with this Worcester Telegram and Gazette article, Sturbridge selectman resigns citing town’s priorities at odds with his faith.

Thomas R. Creamer, a selectman since 2009 and whose second three-year term ends April 2015, dropped the bombshell Monday night, but not before he chastised his fellow board members and the community as a whole.

Calling the past year, a “journey,” Mr. Creamer said he was unable to escape the reality his personal relationship with Christ was at a “spiritual void” and “needed to become the single most important thing” in his life. He said he couldn’t achieve this goal if he remained a selectman.
Despite alleging that the needs and suffering are so prevalent in Sturbridge, Mr. Creamer said the 60 or so attendees at town meeting continue to approve every single expenditure and tax increase presented them, “based not upon validated need or true merit, but rather the social circles that they identify themselves with.”

As I read the first two paragraphs, I was having a hard time figuring out how this was going to connect to what I know about Tom Creamer’s political views.  The last paragraph excerpted above, makes the connection.  It must have been a half-gainer with a double twist that he made to get from the start of his remarks to the end.

I do hope Tom is alright. He has done a lot of good work in Sturbridge.

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