Don Berwick: My health care platform for our Commonwealth

Don Berwick is running for Governor of Massachusetts. I just received an email from him directing me to his web site about His Health Care Platform For Our Commonwealth.

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The Triple Aim is absolutely achievable. The current health care payment system pays most hospitals and doctors for volume (how much they do) rather than for results (how well patients do). And, it is not sufficiently focused on the upstream prevention of disease. The result is very high cost without sufficiently high value. Those high costs come right out of the wages of workers – in taxes, deductions, and out-of-pocket payments – and rob both government and families of opportunities to use their hard earned income for other important purposes.

Here is one answer: move our state away from fee-for-service payment and from fragmented delivery into coordinated, team-based, integrated care. For patients and families, this will lead to care that is much more responsive, helpful, and respectful. Outcomes will be better and costs will fall significantly. And, in addition, we need to focus much more on prevention.

This plan is something we ought to consider when deciding who should be our next Governor.

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