Regulating Shadow Banking

New Economic Perspectives has the article Regulating Shadow Banking.  The article is mainly a showing of the video below, but I want to give the NEP website credit where credit is due.  I’ll quote their description of the video here:

The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) is holding a conference on shadow banking
You can watch the entire LIVESTREAM below.


The video is over 5 hours long, and I only have had time so far to listen to the first 25 minutes. This covers the introduction in which the parts of the shadow banking system are enumerated, if some of you don’t know what the term “Shadow Banking System” refers to, and the first speaker, Sheila Bair. Bair was the Chairperson of the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) until recently.

Her talk was informative as well as the Q&A session after it. I was pleased to note that a staffer from Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley’s office was there to ask a question. That means that the information from conferences like this is reaching the ears of some people in government.

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