Obama Rebukes Israeli-Saudi Attack on Iran Nuclear Deal

The Real News Network has the interview Obama Rebukes Israeli-Saudi Attack on Iran Nuclear Deal with Robert Parry.

PARRY: Well, the neoconservatives continue to want to see more wars in the Middle East. That’s what they’ve been pushing for now for 20-some years, going back to the ’90s, when they began to lay out this idea that the only way for Israel to maintain its security is through having regime change in a variety of countries–Iraq first, Syria, and Iran being a third. So that idea from the neocons hasn’t really shifted. And they remain a very influential force in Washington, particularly at places like The Washington Post. And so they’re continuing to push this idea that the way you get security in the Middle East is by going to war with and ultimately overthrowing governments that have difficult or hostile relations with Israel.

President Obama and the people in Congress who want peace are going to have some very powerful foes in Congress, in the news media, and in the leadership of Israel, and lobbyists for oil interests.

It will be impossible to stop the drum beat for war without massive support from the grass roots before the opponents even get full momentum behind their push. Keep watching for any opportunity you have to voice your opinion.

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