Target Fixation At The Fork In The Road

I just don’t understand the obsession that the media has with bipartisan compromise.  The Boston Globe article Bipartisan group finds bridges hard to build is but the latest example.

Why can’t people understand what happens at a fork in the road?

Picture of a fork in the road

Target fixation occurs when you are so focused on the target that you want to avoid, that you inevitably miss all the other options and exactly run into the one thing you did not want to run into.

Here we are at the fork in the road. One party wants to go right while the other party wants to go left. If we have a bipartisan compromise, we go straight ahead, and hit the sign post. There is no middle road option. You can dream about the middle road option, you can pray for it, you can keep writing about it, but it does not exist.

It looks like this country is doomed to either sitting still at the fork in the road or crashing into the sign unless the voters make a decision in enough time.  If we can’t make a decision, then mother nature may come barreling down the road and crash into us.

Perhaps if the media would stop pretending that there is a third option, it might help people to wake up to the truth.

Here is the picture of the current situation as I see it.

Picture of forks in the road


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