Netanyahu will not attend Mandela memorial

The Jerusalem Post has the story Netanyahu will not attend Mandela memorial.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced on Sunday that he will not travel to South Africa for the memorial of freedom fighter Nelson Mandela on Tuesday.

A source at the Prime Minister’s office said the trip is too expensive and that there were “logistical concerns” preventing the prime minister from attending.

Putting aside whether or not you believe that Netanyahu has valid concerns about attending the funeral, can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be for an Israeli leader’s policies to be compared to what Mandela fought for?  Was Netanyahu going to stand up and praise Mandela for fighting to free a suppressed majority from the shackles of apartheid?  Was he going to be a proponent of Nelson Mandela’s reconciliation of the former ruling minority with the newly ruling majority?

If Netanyahu compares where Mandela stood in the eyes of some world leaders in the 1980s to how history is being rewritten now, what does he think about what his history will look like in 30 years?

If Netanyahu and his allies were successful in batting down President Carter’s stance that Israel is an apartheid nation, do they think they can succeed at this forever?

See my previous post Al Sharpton stops Meet The Press panel from revising the torrid American apartheid stance to see if you can get away with espousing your own version of history.

If you are a strong believer in the current Israeli stance, tell me what you think history will say 30 years from now.

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