Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership May Undermine Public Health, Environment, Internet All At Once

Thanks go to JoãoG for posting a link on his Facebook page to the Huffington Post article Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership May Undermine Public Health, Environment, Internet All At Once.

Opponents of the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal reacted angrily Monday to disclosures that the Obama administration is backing proposals that would expand political powers for corporations, weaken financial regulations and increase the cost of prescription drugs.
Memos obtained by The Huffington Post show the U.S. is having trouble gaining support for the agreement among the 11 other participating nations.

Ben Beachy, research director at Public Citizen, said the leaked documents show U.S. negotiators are isolated from other countries as well as from the U.S. Congress.

Trade, foolish deregulation, and corporate favoritism are the very reasons that I cannot support Hillary Clinton for President in 2016. Whoever is advising Obama to push through a treaty that the 11 other countries and many in the Congress do not like are probably the people who came from the Clinton administration set of advisers and will be advising Hillary.

If you want more of this corporate favoritism crap after 2016, then you know who your Democratic Presidential candidate should be. If you don’t want this, then why would you support this person unconditionally now and give up all your bargaining chips before your political negotiations even start. Isn’t this lack of negotiating skills exactly what has got Obama in so much trouble?

Unless she publicly disavows this behavior in ways that we can believe, it will be difficult to support her. For those who are supporters of Hillary, you would do her a huge favor by letting her know how much these policies are abhorred by people whose votes she is going to need.

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