White House Announces New Sanctions to Block Iran’s Trading Activities

The New York Times has the story White House Announces New Sanctions to Block Iran’s Trading Activities.

Under pressure from Congress to demonstrate that it is not easing up on sanctions on Iran’s oil sector or on its nuclear and missile programs, the Obama administration on Thursday announced an expanded list of Iranian companies and individuals that it said it would target to block their trading activities around the world.

I have an idea.  Let’s see how big a sucker punch we can throw at Iran before they back out of the deal we negotiated with them.  If they stick to the deal, we can always punch them some more, until they quit.  Then we can say that they were never serious about the deal in the first place.

You just can’t trust those Iranians to stick to their word.  They ought to have the gumption to stand by their word even if we go back on ours.  What kind of morality do they have anyway?

Why Can’t We Stop The Insanity?

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