Fiscal Space and Financial Stability: A Differential Analysis

I found the “PowerPoint” presentation Fiscal Space and Financial Stability: A Differential Analysis The U.S. vs. The Eurozone, Stephanie Kelton, Ph.D. FIELDS-INET November 1, 2013 on Scribd.  I call it a “PowerPoint” presentation because it is not an article that fully explains every “slide”.  I also must admit that I did not spend the time to understand all the equations and graphs.  I did get the gist of the story, and I selected two interesting quotes.

Fiscal Space with EMU

“[T]he power to issue its own money, to make drafts on its own central bank, is the main thing which defines national independence. If a country gives up or loses this power, it acquires the status of a local authority or colony.”

~Wynne Godley, 1992


There are No “Market” Constraints

“The treasury can always raise money by issuing securities. The bond vigilantes really have it backwards. There is always more demand for treasuries than can be allocated from a limited supply of new issues in each auction; the winners in the auctions get to place their funds in the safest most liquid form of instrument there is for US dollars; the losers are stuck keeping some of their funds in banks, with bank risk.”

~Frank N. Newman, 2013


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