Women’s rights sold out again: McAuliffe’s betrayal

Salon has the article Women’s rights sold out again: McAuliffe’s betrayal.

After Terry McAuliffe won Virginia’s governor race by touting his women’s agenda, a key early move is drawing fire
McAuliffe will reportedly reappoint current Gov. Robert McDonnell’s health secretary Dr. William Hazel Jr. as his own. And in so doing, McAuliffe, a Democrat who ran explicitly on his support for reproductive rights, has betrayed the very pro-choice voters who helped elect him.

Hazel, an orthopedic surgeon, is no friend to women’s rights. He was criticized for his handling of the adoption of a law that mandates an ultrasound be performed on a pregnant person seeking an abortion, regardless of medical necessity, and forces the patient to pay for it. As the Richmond Times-Dispatch has reportedhe oversaw the health and human resources department at a time when draconian new abortion clinic regulations were promulgated. Hazel also spoke at Liberty University in opposition to the Affordable Care Act, an ultra-conservative university whose own code of conduct includes a $500 fine and 30 hours of disciplinary community service for students who have an abortion.

Makes you wonder if it is even worth voting for a Democratic male candidate.  Maybe it is not too late for the netroots to rise up in protest.

I like the wording above about rules for a “pregnant person”.  That’s gender neutrality.  It can be applied equally to men who are pregnant.

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