The One Crucial Detail That Could Sink Legal Pot in Colorado

Alternet has a very interesting article The One Crucial Detail That Could Sink Legal Pot in Colorado.

Weed may be legal now in Colorado, but one key detail threatens to boost crime, raise costs and sink the business.

In looking through the comments on the article I saw a couple of mentions of this idea already, but what a boost to bitcoin this is.  If nothing else, bitcoin does produce some competition for the government for creation of money.  If the government does not want bitcoin to succeed, then they had better fix the rules they thought they were free to make when there was no competition for creating money.

I wonder if Ron and Rand Paul will use this example as another reason to get rid of the FED?

I wonder what the MMT people and Paul Krugman would have to say about this.

What a case  for the aphorism about politics making for strange bedfellows.

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