Boob Deodorant? The Latest Absurdity From the Beauty Industry

Alternet has the article Boob Deodorant? The Latest Absurdity From the Beauty Industry.

…you need to start deodorizing under your boobs.

I can already hear your objections: “But the area under my boobs doesn’t stink!” or “What kind of marketing genius not only came up with the term ‘swoob,’ but actually thought half the world’s population might be dumb enough to buy into it?” or simply, “This is a dumb product aimed at inventing an insecurity and then claiming to cure it.”

Based on my scientific sampling of one, I can say that any woman that would fall for this product really does not understand men.  You don’t have to put perfume on boobs to get men interested.

Here is a test, how many heterosexual men would care if the model pictured wore perfume?

Picture used in scientific test of men's reaction.


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