Michele Bachmann vs. Bernie Sanders Debate Goes Off the Rails

Admittedly the following YouTube video is painful to watch.  The question I have is what else could Bernie Sanders have done?

So far my two favorite choices for words to use coming from the comments I read are:

Crazy Bachmann Bullshit (patent pending).


Bernie should have just looked at her back and said “is there an off switch somewhere?”

The trouble with the Bachman side of the argument is that it is easy to flood the conversation with crazy ideas and double talk so that there is no chance to talk about good ideas. If Bernie spent all his time knocking down her crazy ideas, he’d have no time to talk about anything else. If he ignores her crazy ideas (and could find her off switch), then her insanity still hangs in the air like the odor of an angry skunk. Maybe when Bachman talked about what she learned as a tax lawyer Bernie could have turned to her and said,

“Either you know nothing about economics or you are pretending that you don’t or you would understand why what you said is utter nonsense. I would try to explain this to you, but you would just keep yammering away and it would be useless.”

I think it would be time better spent to have the conversation devolve into a discussion about why Bachman cannot listen and learn, then it would be to give any of her ideas the time that they were given.

I have just read the extremely well done analysis in The Daily Kos article Michele Bachman and Bernie Sanders spar on income inequality clash on CNN. The analysis is well worth reading. The conclusion matches my feeling about the debate.

Michele Bachmann continued to keep Bernie Sanders off message by interrupting him and with ample help from the moderator Wolf Blitzer. In this debate truth took a beating.

We have to learn how to defend the truth and protect it from such beatings.  We cannot expect any help from the moderators.

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