Is Hillary Clinton the president we need at this time?

The Daily Kos has the article Is Hillary Clinton the president we need at this time?.

Americans are becoming aware that they have been had by the plutocracy. At some point in time they will stop voting against their interest. Senator Elizabeth Warren or someone like her who has the ability to connect the opportunity of free enterprise with civic duty and responsibility is what America needs at this time.

If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, as a Democrat it would be better than any Republican getting elected. Given Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street baggage however, the triangulation used by the Clintons against the Republicans in the past may just be used against them in 2016. A populist Republican with limited Wall Street ties, with a fairly liberal social stance on marijuana, marriage equality, immigration reform, incarceration (mandatory minimums), and women’s rights is out there waiting. Anyone following the news can see that Republican in the making.

If the Republicans actually came up with such a candidate, I might even vote for her or him.

The Daily Kos article had links which eventually led to the following video:

And I really, really believe this commentator’s birth name is Krystal Ball.

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