Exxon CEO Joins Lawsuit to Stop Fracking Near His Home

The Daily Kos has the story Exxon CEO Joins Lawsuit to Stop Fracking Near His Home.

Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson may be the world’s biggest fracker (Exxon is the biggest natural gas producer in the U.S.) but he isn’t stupid. He’ll frack my backyard and tell me it’s good for me and he’ll frack your place too, but don’t let any frackers near his home. He knows damn well that fracking lowers property values, but he wouldn’t admit it until the frackers came to his place. He just joined a lawsuit to stop the fracking because it would lower the value of his property.

Well, if you read the story on which The Daily Kos article is commenting, the path from the lawsuit to fracking is not quite as direct as the comment would imply.  However, “it is close enough for government work” as we used to say in the Army.

The step between the lawsuit and the fracking is really a pretty thin veil, in my opinion as well as the opinion of the article.

I don’t know who is being quoted here, but this shows you the indirection used.

Tillerson has joined a lawsuit that cites fracking’s consequences in order to block the construction of a 160-foot water tower next to his and his wife’s Texas home.

The Wall Street Journal reports the tower would supply water to a nearby fracking site, and the plaintiffs argue the project would cause too much noise and traffic from hauling the water from the tower to the drilling site.

If noise and traffic is a legitimate cause for legal action, you would think that poisoning wells and causing earthquakes would be legitimate causes for action, too.  Poisoned wells and earthquakes are the more typical reasons for objecting to fracking.

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