Ukraine crisis ‘created artificially’ – Russia’s Lavrov

The BBC has the article Ukraine crisis ‘created artificially’ – Russia’s Lavrov.  Under the audio clip of some of Lavrov’s words they have the caption –

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: “This crisis was not created by us”

Further quotes from the Foreign minister appeared in the rest of the article –

The Russian foreign minister said the interim government in Kiev was “not independent because it depends to a great extent on the radical nationalists who seized power by force of arms”.

This is more coverage of the Russian side than you get from the US media, but I still had some questions.

And did he say who was financing and organizing these radicals?  Did he mention the USA and countries in Europe?  If he even hinted at this, wouldn’t this have been an important part of the story to report?

Why is it only important to give details on what Russia has done, but no details on what the other side has done?

I am not prejudging that the Russians are blameless and as pure as the driven snow, but I’d like to be able to make my own judgment after hearing the whole story.  I don’t need the media to give me the part of the story that they have prejudged as being relevant because they have a point of view they want me to believe.

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