New Study Shows Dangers of Trade Agreements that Help Corporations Sue Governments

Naked Capitalism has the article New Study Shows Dangers of Trade Agreements that Help Corporations Sue Governments.

The study’s authors contend that for those concerned with democracy and basic rights, this El Salvador case stands as a potent reminder of how important it is that we fight such unjust corporate lawsuits. It is vital not only to support the people in El Salvador and other countries under assault, but to rally the groups and governments trying to halt new trade and investment agreements built from this same cookie-cutter mold. The governments of Chile and other countries are already raising critical questions about these pro-corporate rules in the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Social movements in several European nations are making common cause with their governments in raising similar concerns in the trans-Atlantic talks. The Pacific Rim/OceanaGold case is an advertisement of the dangers of such rules

The author of this article is one of the authors of the study that is mentioned in the article.

Download the full report [PDF]

The 17 page report focuses on this one case.  You have to judge for yourself whether or not you think this is typical of what happens, or if trade agreements like the ones being pushed by President Obama cause more harm than good.  I am using these weasel words to guard against being accused of letting one bad apple ruin my opinion of the subject matter at hand.  I am only saying that this is one report to include with all the other things you learn about these trade agreements.  Do your own due diligence.

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