Bill Kristol confuses fiasco-fatigue with war-weariness

The Daily Kos has the article Bill Kristol confuses fiasco-fatigue with war-weariness.

The article juxtaposes this political cartoon

Tom Tomorrow Cartoon

With the following quote from Bill Kristol:

Are Americans today war-weary? Sure. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have been frustrating and tiring. Are Americans today unusually war-weary? No. They were wearier after the much larger and even more frustrating conflicts in Korea and Vietnam. And even though the two world wars of the last century had more satisfactory outcomes, their magnitude was such that they couldn’t help but induce a significant sense of war-weariness. And history shows that they did.

So American war-weariness isn’t new. Using it as an excuse to avoid maintaining our defenses or shouldering our responsibilities isn’t new, either. But that doesn’t make it admirable.

Just as people still read yearly predictions from the astrologers in the newspapers, people keep listening to the talking heads that have a proven record of being wrong on almost everything.

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