Silicon Valley Season 1: Episode 1 Full Episode (TVMA) (HBO)

Stumbled across this on RandyK’s Facebook page. Actually he had the review Beavis and Ballmer: Let me count all the ways I hate Silicon Valley. by David Auerbach.

Warning! This piece contains spoilers for Silicon Valley.

So watch this episode first. (It is TVMA – L.)

In my career, I missed three opportunities to work in Silicon Valley. Instead I had 13 years on Silicon Mountain better known as Digital Equipment Corp., Hudson, MA. (Not all 13 years in Hudson. The Hudson facility was built some years after I started at DEC.)

I did spend one year as a Visiting Industrial Fellow at University of California, Berkeley where I learned that Silicon Valley culture and I did not always get along well. I did eventually manage to work for two companies that were headquartered in Silicon Valley. That’s how I really learned about the culture clash.

Apparently I liked this show much more than David Auerbach did.

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