Chris Hayes on “Understanding” Conservatives

The Daily Kos article is entitled Where I Disagree with Chris Hayes on “Understanding” Conservatives.

Finally, we had Paul Wolfowitz on the program.  A man who has hundreds of thousands of deaths on his hands.  This is a man, along with his fellow neocons, who believes that the ends justifies the means.  After all the deaths, does Chris think he will find some understanding with a mass murderer?  Will there be a Perry Mason moment when Wolfowitz yelled, “I did it!  I killed them all!  I’m so sorry!”

Fat f[rea]king chance of that.

If Chris really wants to try and understand conservatives, I guarantee that he will come to conclusions that most liberals have already learned.  Conservatives are in their own world, and no matter of facts or reasons on the parts of liberals will ever drag them into political compromise.

There was discussion in this article and to a referenced Crooks and Liars article Wherein Chris Hayes Takes Me To The Woodshed about how to learn what conservatives think without just giving them a platform to spread lies.

I have a solution to consider for making these interviews more effective.  Turn on the interviewers microphone so that the listeners can hear the question (or repsonse).  Then turn off that microphone and turn on the interviewee’s microphone for an agreed amount of response time. After the response time is up switch the microphones again.  Let the discussion continue in this round robin way.  There will be no need for anybody to tell the director to “cut off her mike”.  The cut-off will have been agreed to by both sides before the discussion begins.

Without this kind of moderation, it all comes down to who can shout the loudest.  Even in this suggested format, either side is free to shout as much as they want in their segment.  They just don’t have a chance to shout in the other person’s segment.

Here is the video in support of the Crooks and Liars article.


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