Elizabeth Warren’s book tour: ‘Run, Liz, run!’

Politico of all places has a fairly positive article Elizabeth Warren’s book tour: ‘Run, Liz, run!’

Interviews with more than a dozen Warren supporters in both cities showed that her message — the system is rigged against the little guy to the benefit of Wall Street and corporate America — is resonating, and any Democratic presidential hopeful will have to convince the Warren wing of the party that they get it. The conversations also revealed that enthusiasm for Warren often goes hand in hand with wariness of a President Hillary Clinton.

I am waiting for that convincing from Hillary Clinton.  The problem is that Clinton will cede the progressive wing of the electorate to Warren who will not be running.  Therefore the tone of the debate will not even address income inequality, the abandonment of all levels of government in investing in the country’s future, the guilt of Wall Street bankers, and the war mongering of the oil people hankering after Ukraine’s oil shale. Clinton will court the middle and the right.  This will alienate a large number of potential enthusiastic campaign volunteers and voters.  Clinton’s campaign will not bring out the votes that the Democrats have and that are needed to defeat the Republicans.

The Republicans could run John Ellis Bush (aka JEB) and maybe beat Clinton.

By the way, I have not been able to verify Warren’s attitude on the Ukraine issue, so what I said above about the Ukraine may only be my issue.  I could understand that, but I would be disappointed.

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