Elizabeth Warren Changes the Conversation

The Daily Kos has the post Elizabeth Warren Changes the Conversation.

The massive response to Elizabeth Warren’s new book, A Fighting Chance, gives Democrats a great opportunity to change the 2014 conversation.
Democrats need to embrace Warren’s message in order to fire up the activists, online donors, and Democratic base voters they so desperately need to win in 2014. This is our moment to light a fire under Democrats and change the dynamic from us being in a defensive crouch, whining because our voters are unmotivated to turn out and vote, to going on offense and taking it to the Republicans and their billionaire big business buddies.

I was hoping that this book tour would raise this type of reaction. I truly think this is the intention of Elizabeth Warren in writing the book. It’s purpose is not to get herself elected to anything. However, if getting her elected as President in 2016 is what it will take, then I am all for it.

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