Nuclear Winter – Alan Robock on Reality Asserts Itself (4/5)

The Real News Network has the interview Nuclear Winter – Alan Robock on Reality Asserts Itself (4/5)

ROBOCK: Nuclear bomb dropped on a city would be horrible. It would kill hundreds of thousands, millions of people, the blast, the fires, and the radioactivity. There would be a plume of radioactivity going downwind for a couple of hundred miles, and people would be affected by that in the decades to come. But it wouldn’t be a global catastrophe in terms of radioactivity. The people that were targeted would die, but the rest of the world, these direct effects would leave them alone. There are no nuclear weapons in the southern hemisphere, so half of the world really wouldn’t have that much of an effect of the direct use.

Yet it turns out that fires started by the bombs would produce so much smoke that it would go up into the atmosphere, block out the sun, and make it cold and dark at the Earth’s surface, killing the crops, and famine would threaten the entire planet. The amount of cooling depends on how much smoke goes into the atmosphere.

If you are a winter sports enthusiast, maybe you would prefer a nuclear winter to counteract global warming.

If you are a global climate change denier, then the parts of this interview involving Fidel Castro ought to send a sensation of thrill up your spine.

If you are just a normal person, I don’t know what you might think about this interview.

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