Steve Grossman: Save Net Neutrality!

Steve Grossman, candidate for Massachusetts Governor, sent me an email with a link to his web page Save Net Neutrality!

This week, the FCC is set to vote on new rules about how government regulates and protects the free flow of information on the Internet. We can’t afford to allow extraordinary wealth to buy special access to high-speed traffic and repress free speech for the rest of us when we’re online.

It occurs to me that I have not been posting anything about why I am a supporter of Steve Grossman for Governor.  It’s certainly not that I am a one issue voter and that issue is net neutrality.  This position that Steve Grossman has taken is just one of the things that indicates to me that he really gets how the issue of extraordinary wealth concentration in the hands of the few has impacts on the rest of us in almost every aspect of life.

The one voice that we have had that the rich have not been able to throttle has been the internet.  It is no surprise that they want to control that too.  We can’t beat them by using superior wealth.  We can’t let them take away the one force that we have, and that is our numbers in the “public square” and at the ballot box.

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