Urge President Obama: Honor your pledge to preserve an open internet

The Daily Kos is providing you with a web page to Urge President Obama: Honor your pledge to preserve an open internet.  Below is the content of the message I sent.  The first two paragraphs are boilerplate suggested by The Daily Kos.  The rest the message are my own thoughts.

It was a grassroots, people-powered campaign that first elected you President—thanks in large part to online organizing. This happened because of the incredible equality of the Internet, where no website gets favored with a “fast lane” based on ability to pay.

But your F.C.C.—with its Chairman, Tom Wheeler—threatens to undermine all of that, and we are pleading you to take decisive action. Please demand real net neutrality standards.

Don’t let the FCC try to hide behind tricky definition of words.  Analyze the consequences of their actions on constraining the voices of ordinary citizens by giving wealthy corporations and citizens greater access to the internet than everyone else.

There is no practical difference between paying for higher speed access and having your access slowed down unless you pay more money.

Once you establish that no one should be able to get access to the the latest internet technology only by paying a higher rate for that access, then you can test whether any FCC action passes this test regardless of the words used to mask its effect.

You know you already pay extra for higher speed uploading to and downloading from the internet.  The FCC is also considering having you pay more for higher speed travel once you get your content onto the internet.  Enough is enough already.

I wonder if the President is paying more attention to campaigning for a position with some Wall Street outfit like Goldman Sachs than he is to running the government for the benefit of all of us.  You can’t always tell what motivates a person, but you can judge the impact of his actions.

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