Armed School Resource Officers May Have Prevented a Mass Shooting at Oregon High School

The Blaze has the article Armed School Resource Officers May Have Prevented a Mass Shooting at Oregon High School.

Purdue University professor Eric Dietz, Ph.D., the former director of Homeland Security for the state of Indiana and 22-year Army veteran, recently unveiled the results of research on active shooter situations. The research found that the presence of a school resource officer can drastically reduce casualties during an active shooter situation because response time is reduced significantly.

Well, Sturbridge, what do you think of Town Meeting voting to support school resource officers now? Were they being too emotional as some people claim, or were they just being up-to-date with the times?

June 12, 2014

Jacob Ryan posted on his Facebook page a link to the article Meet the Army Veteran Who Could Once and for All Destroy One of the Left’s Key Gun Control Arguments.

Dietz says there is more research to be done on the issue, including instances where there is no active shooter, to determine if there is a significant risk to having guns present at schools on a daily basis.

Unlike the rest of the Blaze story and its conservative commenters, an unlimited number of guns in the school might not be such a good idea. At least the Blaze had the integrity to include the above quote in the story.

Rebecca Deans-Rowe made the following comment to my original reflection of this blog post on Facebook.

This “research,” which is based on some huge assumptions, is extremely flawed. There was an armed security officer at Columbine, and this did absolutely nothing to reduce the death toll. The best this officer could do was call for help. The researcher assumes that the armed resource officers would be able to respond in a particular way that would stop and disarm the shooter, but there are numerous other ways this can play out and no evidence that the result predicted by Dietz is the most likely. We have some big decisions to make in this country about how we keep our citizens safe, and it should be based on reality, not bogus research by NRA puppets. Do we want to react to this gun culture or work harder to change it?


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