Ehrhard and hunting

The Sturbridge Villager published my letter to the editor. See page 10 at the previous link.

To the Editor:

Thank you for printing the valuable letter by James P. Ehrhard.

What Ehrhard does not seem to realize is that people he describes out here for whom “guns are a central part of the lives of these citizens” are the ones that scare the living daylights out of me.

The fright comes exactly because I have some of these people in my own family. That is how I know that there are life-long hunters who are unaware that you are not allowed to hunt on Sunday.

I wouldn’t dare walk very deeply into the woods in any part of Sturbridge because I know these people are out there. I can hear their guns from my house.

I am glad that Ehrhard made it perfectly clear what type of a person he is before I go to the voting booth in November.


Not all of us out here have a lot of faith that there isn’t at least one gun nut among all the sane gun owners. Maybe that’s why we favor a school resource officer in our schools. See my previous post Armed School Resource Officers May Have Prevented a Mass Shooting at Oregon High School.

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