EU Association Agreement with Ukraine Is a Gift to Kleptocrats

The Real News Network has the interview EU Association Agreement with Ukraine Is a Gift to Kleptocrats.

You’ll have to watch the interview to understand how the kleptocrats got what they have so that they can sell lit to the EU. The excerpt I chose to feature below only tells you about the great deal that the citizens of the Ukraine are not going to get.

WORONCZUK: So, then, what would a progressive trade policy between Ukraine and the E.U. look like?

HUDSON: Well, it would have been one that marked the very beginning of the common market and the beginning of the agreements with Poland. Western Europe would say, okay, Ukraine, we realize that your economy has not been modernized, unlike Poland and Czechoslovakia and the other areas, so now that we’ve agreed to sort of plan to take you in, we’re going to put a lot of investment in. We’re going to build roads and infrastructure and schools, and we’re going to make sure that what the kleptocrats have taken, we’re going to apply European-type progressive taxation. We’re going to tax, we’re going to put an economic rent tax in, and we’re going to recapture what has been privatized so that all of these natural resources–your land and your agriculture and your mining–can be the fiscal base. And we’re going to make sure that you the Ukrainian government can tax the wealthy like we do in Europe. But instead the Europeans are saying, don’t tax the wealthy, tax labor even more, squeeze labor by raising gas prices, by removing the subsidies of gas, so that your labor is going to be squeezed and we can grab what you have more easily. So the Europeans are treating the Ukrainians not like they’re treating themselves, not like they’re treating the former Soviet countries brought in, but really like a defeated enemy to be burdened with reparations, and especially to rule through their sort of proconsuls as the kleptocratz that have been assigned as governors by the military junta that took over in Kiev.

Have you gotten this kind of understanding of what this is all about from anything you have read in the Lame Stream Press? If you had, would you think that it makes sense for the Ukrainian population to be clamoring for such a deal?

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