Well Placed Sympathy, Misplaced Punishment

I tried like heck to withhold comment, but I am really troubled by what is going on.

The sharing of the Facebook post by Senator Dean Skelos, is what set me off.

Post from Senator Dean Skelos

Some of the text that went along with this image is:

Every time Israel makes an attempt at peace, it is met in return with missiles, kidnappings and murders from Hamas. As such, Israel should do what it feels is necessary to protect its citizens. I am hopeful that those responsible will be found and quickly brought to justice.

My comment on this post was:

Yes, I have sympathy for anybody who is kidnapped or anybody who is murdered. I just worry about the political uses this sympathy is being put to.

I refuse to be riled into approving inhumane treatment of Israeli Arabs in general, no matter what some of them may do. We didn’t like collective punishment when the Germans used it in WWII, and I don’t like it now.

By the way, how well did the Germans do with their policy of collective punishment? Did they win a war or something?

Just as I disapprove of the inhumanity of the right wing in the USA, I disapprove of the inhumanity of certain elements in Israel.  I also disapprove of the inhumanity of some Arabs.  I can understand why some Israelis feel the way they  do.  I can understand why some Arabs feel the way they do.  I do not approve of the actions of either side when it leads to inhumanity.

Senator Dean Skelos

Temporary President
Majority Coalition Leader
New York State Senate

Who could possibly have foreseen this result – Violent clashes as Palestinians demand justice after teenager’s body found?

Tensions between Israelis and Palestinians escalated further on Wednesday, with the discovery of a body believed to be that of a 17-year-old Palestinian boy who had been abducted hours earlier from an Arab neighbourhood of East Jerusalem.

The badly burned body, thought to be that of Mohamed Abu Khdeir, was found in an area of forest to the west of the city a day after the funeral of three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped and killed three weeks ago. The discovery prompted widespread accusations from Palestinians that he had been murdered by Jewish extremists in a revenge attack.


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