What Does the Democratic Party Actually Believe?

The Nation has the article What Does the Democratic Party Actually Believe? by William Greider

Only the people themselves can dig themselves out of this trap. My personal hunch is that Democratic office holders will not find the courage to embrace the future and the reform vision that some of their colleagues are advocating until their party feels threatened by its own constituencies. That is, the Dems need to experience more of the surprise rebellions that took down some old bulls in the GOP. If the people cannot get either major party to lead the way, maybe they will need to create a new party that will.

If you are part of the Democratic constituency and you aren’t threatening the party, then you may be part of the problem.  I support the Elizabeth Warren/Sherrod Brown wing as mentioned in the above article.  If the rest of them don’t come around, I am not giving them more support than they are giving me.  Unlike Elizabeth Warren, the rest of them seem willing to quit after any setback.  Those people don’t get my support either.

Don’t take your lessons on negotiation skills from Barack Obama.  Stop negotiating with yourself to figure out what is the least you can ask of your party before you even ask for what you actually want.

Thanks to Michael Horan for posting this on his Facebook page.  He has some interesting things to say about this article.

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