What drove Hamas to take on Israel?

The BBC has published the article What drove Hamas to take on Israel?

It always pays to be skeptical about anybody attempting to explain the motivations of some one else. Given that skepticism, you can never really know if this explanation is “right”.  However, it seems more thoughtful than other analyses which just echo assurances that the author is all knowing and all seeing about intent of the clearly evil and contemptible other side. So with that caution, here is a teaser for what is in the article.

The immediate trigger for the escalation was the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank on 12 June 2014. The Israeli government accused Hamas, arrested over 200 Hamas members in the West Bank and closed down organisations affiliated with Hamas.

To Hamas, the clampdown seemed politically motivated to eradicate its presence in the West Bank. The available evidence suggests that the kidnapping had not been authorised by Hamas’ political leadership but seemed to be the work of members of a powerful Hebron clan, with a history of carrying out rogue attacks in opposition to the Hamas leadership.

Within this context, the clampdown demanded a response, if Hamas was to retain credibility. …

I have read claims that Hamas”s “sudden” volley of missiles against Israel was unprovoked.  To that I have to ask, “When Israel responded to the kidnapping and of murder of three Israeli teenagers by arresting 400 Palestinians, did Israeli leaders really believe that the other side could not possibly want to retaliate in some way?”  I am not arguing whether or not Israel’s response was “right” or “wrong”.  I am asking whether or not Israeli leaders thought that its actions would lead to good results for Israel without considering the possible bad results for Israel?  If you think they were smart enough to consider all possible consequences (and if you were that smart, too), why would they and why would you be surprised at what happened?

If you are not surprised with what happened, then shouldn’t you just accept the fact that we did this, and they did that, and the chain will go on forever until someone gives up or is exterminated?  I know that some Jews feel that if they don’t exterminate the Palestinians, the Palestinians or someone else will exterminate the Jews.  To me, this seems to lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy.  For those of us who feel that there is some chance that this prophecy does not have to come true, we are looking for a way to stop our own friends from forcing the prophecy to come true.

For those who have a strong belief in God, I wonder how many times does that God have to tell his chosen people to stop acting that way, before they get the hint?

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