Cover-up in the Air – What Would Reagan Do?

The Daily Show has the video segment “Cover-up in the Air – What Would Reagan Do?”

The Daily Kos article has, Jon Stewart exposes GOP lies about Reagan’s response to downed airliner, this excerpt from the video.

Yes, Reagan was in deep mourning for losing the final 12% of his vacation. In fact, in 1988, when the U.S. accidentally shot down an Iranian airliner, also under Reagan’s watch, Reagan refused to end that vacation early.

And by the way, America was so torn up about shooting down that plane, that the commander of the ship who did it later received a medal for his service. I believe it was called the silver….

I used to hate it when Tim Russert had a standard operating procedure of carrying out interviews based on gotcha clips and quotes from the interviewee’s past. In this case, the gotcha seemed worthwhile for refreshing people’s memories.

Ironically, Chris Wallace is the one with the memory. He actually seems to care that he once had pretense of being a reporter. I wonder if the Faux Hoise panel will even remember what Chris Wallace had to say.

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