Hillary Clinton and Trade Deals: That “Giant Sucking Sound”

Naked Capitalism has the article Hillary Clinton and Trade Deals: That “Giant Sucking Sound”.

Oopsie. I guess “the little time-out” was over when the Korea deal rolled around. And Clinton at State must have “evaluated” the “proposed agreement” and exercised her “judgment” and given the deal the big thumbs up, or it would not have have passed. And guess what! We — and by “we,” I mean American workers, not the political class — “learned the hard way” again, as 40,000 jobs were lost. Granted, the Korean dealmakers aren’t in NAFTA’s league, where almost 700,000 jobs were lost, but they’re in there punching all the same. Kudos..
NOTE I know Warren says a lot, and good for her, but leftish Democrats have an unfortunate tendency to think that performative utterances are a large subset of speech acts, when in fact they are an extremely small one. “I do” is a performative utterance; it changes a real social relation. A speech on the rubber chicken circuit, or on YouTube, or even at Netroots Nation, no matter how fervent, is not. I am seeing speeches from Warren. I’m not seeing hearings. I’m not seeing investigations. I’m not seeing bills. I’m not seeing things done that legislators do.

The article quotes from Clinton’s new book:

It’s safe to say that the TPP won’t be perfect — no deal negotiated among a dozen countries ever will be — but its higher standards, if implemented and enforced, should benefit American businesses and workers.

This stance sound reasonable until you realize that there is no proof that these secret negotiations include “higher standards” that relate to improving working conditions.  I have only heard about the secret parts that would undermine individual national attempts to improve working conditions.  Is Clinton mouthing platitudes that have no basis in fact?

This is why I think Hillary Clinton is the problem and Elizabeth Warren may be the solution. Note the emphasis on “may”.  I’ll have to follow Elizabeth Warren’s activities in this arena before I can be more sure.

When trade between nations becomes problematic, nations get together to make treaties.  Well, workers’ issues are now problematic, we need to see nations getting together on treaties to solve these problems.

One of the above links is to the article Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton, which lays out the case even more starkly.

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