Alleged union job talk spurs ethics complaint

The July 31 Edition of The Town Common has the article Alleged union job talk spurs ethics complaint.  The article is on the last page.

STURBRIDGE – An ethics complaint filed last week by the town manager against Zoning Board of Appeals member Christopher Mattioli got its start with a chance meeting at the gym.
Patel went further in a recent interview with the Town Common.  He said Mattioli also approached him about his project and Patel’s plan to use non-union labor. Patel said he felt intimidated by Mattioli.

I am a supporter of the value that unions bring to our society, and I would like to see the laws rebalanced to bring back some of the power of the unions that has been under attack since before 1980.  I was also hoping that Christopher Mattioli would have a successful tenure on the Zoning Board of Appeals.  However, I do not support the people on the town boards using that position to further personal goals over the good of the Sturbridge community.  If, in fact, that is what Mr. Mattioli did, then I am strongly opposed to such behavior.

When I first came to Sturbridge I supported a candidate who promised to bring the views of local business people to the Board of Selectmen.  His behavior on the board appeared to me to represent his own personal business interests to the detriment of the interests of competing local business people. That decided me to never vote for that Selectman again.

I cite this case just to show that my standard for local office holders is looking out for the best interests of the town and its citizens.  My support is not based on party politics, business versus labor, nor class, nor any other side issue.  I would hope that the majority of citizens in Sturbridge would put the best interests of the town at the top of their priorities when voting for  candidates for office.  Of course, I realize that people can have legitimate differences over what is best for the town, and that is why we have elections.

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