Watch Elizabeth Warren Push The Bank Regulators

Elizabeth Warren has a post on her Facebook page where she says the following:

Last week, federal regulators acknowledged that all of the biggest banks remain Too Big to Fail. I’ve pushed these regulators to use the full extent of their authority, including breaking up the biggest banks, to make sure no bank’s failure can bring down the economy again.

Her posts leads to an article in USA Today and ultimately to the video below.

As the USA article says:

While the legislative process in Washington seems to be broken, congressional oversight shows occasional signs of being alive and kicking.

Case in point: Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., skewered Federal Reserve chairman Janet Yellen at a hearing in July on the subject of living wills that large banks are supposed to be submitting — credible plans on how bankruptcy of these behemoths could be handled in a rapid and orderly fashion without taxpayer bailouts.

Maybe what these plans may need to have is an estimated time that would be required to liquidate the banks with the proposed plan.

We need to make sure that the voters know that at least some parts of our government are working and just who the people are that are making it work.

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