Is massive DNS hack responsible for Charter Internet outage?

Network World has the article Is massive DNS hack responsible for Charter Internet outage?

On DownDetector as well as on Reddit, some customers said that changing the DNS servers to Google’s public DNS IP addresses of and for IPv4, or 2001:4860:4860::8888 and 2001:4860:4860::8844 for IPv6 fixed their problems. Some people claimed that didn’t work, but most comments claim that changing the DNS restored their Internet. People who are not fans of Google reportedly changed their DNS to OpenDNS IPs of and to restore service.

As I was experiencing the outage last night, I experimented with what I could and couldn’t reach on the internet. Because of those experiments, I suspected it was a DNS problem. However, since I couldn’t reach very much on the Internet, I couldn’t find instructions on changing my DNS settings.

I have followed the link above to OpenDNS IPs. At first, I set up DNS on one Windows-7 machine. Then I found the instructions to set up the DNS on my router, so I set that too. Now, all three wired connections and any wireless connections will use the OpenDNS IPs for its Dynamic Name Servers.

I supposed I could use a DNS from my web server host company to get some diversity of servers. I’ll do that if OpenDNS doesn’t prove to be extremely reliable.

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