Lowell Sun: Marisa DeFranco for U.S. Congress

The Lowell Sun has endorsed Marisa DeFranco for U.S. Congress in the 6th Congressional district. (That’s not our district, Sturbridge).  The part that the DeFranco emphasized in the email that I received is quoted below from the editorial.

DeFranco would implement heavy fines against employers who exploit immigrants, increase border and port security with targeted inspection goals over the next four years, double the number of immigration judges to process cases and deport immigrants with felony convictions, and create a path to legalization — not citizenship — for undocumented immigrants who refuse to go through the same process as legal immigrants. She’d also create an “essential worker visa’ similar to the seasonal visa that exists now.

The system is broken but “we’re not going to deport our way out of the problem,” says DeFranco, who opposes amnesty.

DeFranco campaign to unseat Tierney and defeat three other rivals in the race is an uphill battle. In our view, however, she’s articulated the best ideas to change Washington’s partisan culture and get things done. The Sun endorses Marisa DeFranco in the Sept. 9 Democratic primary race for the 6th Congressional District.

I have long supported fixing the immigration issue on the employer side of the problem rather than on the employee side.  As far back as 2006, I have been publishing on the subject.

I am not so much a fan of some of the other things The Lowell Sun likes so much about her.  When I was growing up, the paper was pretty heavily Republican oriented.  I have no idea how much the paper has changed since I left Lowell for good in 1967.  If they still carry even an iota of their previous leanings, then maybe I can understand why they like the other aspects of DeFranco’s campaign that they mentioned.  I don’t so much disagree with what DeFranco says on these other issues.  It is the way she  says it that I think is a little off. (Or at least the way The Lowell Sun interprets it.)

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