How “Protect and Serve” Became “Search and Destroy”

Brave New Films has the video How “Protect and Serve” Became “Search and Destroy” on YouTube

Ever wonder how police became soldiers? With the 1033 Programs, “Protect and Serve” Became “Search and Destroy”

When you see how the federal government spent the money, you have to wonder where were the deficit hawks when we needed them? (As if we ever really needed them.)

If Federal law enforcement backs down in the face of Cliven Bundy, but provides materials for this kind of attack on unarmed citizens, what lesson does this give you? Is the Federal government telling us that we’d better come armed if we want them to pay attention to us? What kind of lesson is this that they are delivering?

It goes along with the message we deliver internationally. If you want to be taken seriously by the U.S., you’d better be armed with nuclear weapons. Otherwise, we’ll feel free to bomb you, drone you, and occupy you. So who are the countries acting rationally in the face of our threat? The ones that eschew nuclear weapons, or the ones that try to obtain them? Are we sending the wrong message?

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