The Bennis Plan: Here Is a Real Strategy for Dealing with ISIS

The Real News Network has the interview video and transcript of The Bennis Plan: Here Is a Real Strategy for Dealing with ISIS. On YouTube, the interview summary is merely:

Military strategies have failed, only a political and diplomatic solution will work

I would hope that Bennis’s understanding is more like the following:

Military strategies alone have failed, only with the addition of a political and diplomatic strategy will it work.

It is nice to see an interview that is more than just “That won’t work”, but an interview that includes “Here are some things that need to be done.”

I think that some of the “diplomatic” strategies that Obama has employed, have worked. Obama refused to help Iraq until the democratic process of electing a new, more inclusive government was allowed by the Iraqi holdouts to complete. This was a strategy that previous Presidents were not clever enough to use.

That is a demonstration of exactly what is wrong with the Hillary Clinton method she would have applied in Syria. Essentially, she just wanted Obama to go in and do something while the internal forces dithered. Unless the internal forces are made to understand the consequences of dithering (and corruption) will there be a hope that they will concentrate on helping the people rather than just line their own pockets and quarrel with potential allies.

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